Living Salads, growing salad leaves that you cut fresh at home

If you like your salads packed full of flavour, with a variety of exotic baby leaves, now you can pick your own, safe in the knowledge that they’ve been grown by you... well, almost!

Living Salads are trays of growing baby salad leaves, ready to be freshly harvested at home.

Living leaves that last longer

You pick the leaves as and when you need them so they are as fresh as they can possibly be, thereby crunchier, juicier and more flavoursome. With a little bit of light watering every day, they will last up to 10 days on your windowsill - they don’t need to be kept in the fridge.

Superb Salad Recipes

Making a meal of it...
Great ideas for family meals using your Living Salads.

Use to accompany grilled meats and fish drizzled with your favourite dressings. Fill your sandwiches and your children’s pack lunches with freshly snipped leaves for a vitamin packed snack. Find recipes